Stop The Press - Sampford Courtenay Cider Finally Updates Website!


Shocking news rocks the cider industry to its core....  Our shop actually works now!

Hold onto your apples, folks! In a move that has stirred the cider community like a brisk spring breeze through the orchards, Sampford Courtenay Cider has done the unthinkable—we’ve updated our website!

Yes, after half a decade of "vintage" digital charm, we’ve pulled ourselves into the present with a website refresh that’s so slick, you’ll want to sip it.

A Little Tech, A Lot of Tradition

Let’s be honest, our old website was about as modern as a hand-cranked apple press. Quaint? Absolutely. Functional? Well, that’s debatable. But no more! Our new site combines the heritage and heart of traditional cider-making with the sheer convenience of modern technology. And the best part? The shop actually works. Really, it does!

What’s New? Just About Everything!

From the ground up, we’ve reimagined what our online home could be:

  • Responsive Design: Whether you’re on a desktop at dawn or browsing from your phone in the field, our site now looks great on any device.
  • Enhanced Security: We’ve tightened the taps on our digital barrels. Shopping with us is not only easier than ever but also safer.
  • A functional shop: You can now buy our cider via the magic of the internet, rather than just glumly looking at the "add to cart" button -  amazing! 

Celebrate & Save – Because It Actually Works!

We’re so thrilled (and frankly, a bit relieved) that our new website not only meets but exceeds our expectations, we’re inviting you all to celebrate with us. Use the discount code "itactuallyworks" to get an extra 10% off a case of 6 until the end of April.

It’s our way of saying thank you for sticking with us, and a little nudge to try out the new checkout process—because it actually works!

We Want Your Feedback!

While we’re proud of our digital facelift, what really matters is how it works for you, our cider-loving community. Visit the new site, poke around, pick up a few bottles, and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial; it helps us fine-tune the experience and ensures that we continue to serve you just the way you’d like.

Here’s to New Beginnings (and Reliable Websites)!

So, here’s to pulling ourselves out of the digital dark ages and toasting to a new chapter at Sampford Courtenay Cider where tradition meets technology. We can't wait to hear what you think. Cheers to progress, cheers to tradition, and cheers to a website that finally works! 🍏💻🥂


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