Sampford Courtenay Cider

Sampford Courtenay cider is a family run cider farm in Devon making cider from the 14,000 cider apple trees that grow in our orchards.We are proud of the heritage and traditions that make Devon cider so unique. To make our ciders we use these same methods, that were described in Devon over 250 years ago. Our cider is hand made, using only apples grown on our farm in Sampford Courtenay and it is bottles in the orchards where the apples grow.
The passion and dedication that goes into our cider started over 20 years ago with the search for the perfect land to plant and grow our orchards luckily ending up here at beautiful Solland Farm. We were able to use our knowledge of traditional cidermaking and orcharding to plant a mix of cider apple varieties that would allow us to make delicious traditional Devon Cider from just our own apples.
We think this is a unique selling point for our ciders and one that few other cider makers can make. All of the apple juice for our ciders is made from the apples grown here on the farm. Our neck label boast is not just an empty phrase. Our cider is hand made and crafted on our farm & Home grown from blossom to bottle.