1763 Vintage Cider
1763 Vintage Cider
1763 Vintage Cider
1763 Vintage Cider

1763 Vintage Cider

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1763 and how an Englishman’s Home is his Castle:

Following unprecedented levels of Government Debt and an unpopular overseas war, the widely disliked Scot’s Prime minister, Lord Bute, Introduced a Punitive Tax on Cider.  National protests were organised from Devon by Exeter town clerk Benjamin Heath.

Marches against the tax, seen as a tax on the poor, were widespread. Effigies of Lord Bute were burned in many Westcountry towns and a coffin representing the Death of Cider was carried in procession through the streets of Crediton. Vastly unpopular at the time, this tax also gave Crown Excise men the power to enter, without a warrant, and search private houses  for cider. Speaking against the measures in Parliament  William Pitt claimed his famous phrase,  " an Englishman’s home is his castle”

We craft our cider in the time-honoured way from fresh apples - All our cider is made from our
own apples grown and bottled on our farm.

Sampford Courtenay Vintage cider.

Rich and mellow cider fruits best sums up the initial experience of this product when lifted to the nose.  Well aged with a corresponding depth of rich amber hues to please the eye; everything about this product speaks of its quality.  Well rounded, nectar and honeyed notes are cut through with the crisp and slightly sharp edge of traditional cider fruits.

7.5%  ABV          6 x 750ml Swing top bottles

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