Longhouse Medium Dry Cider 750ml
Longhouse Medium Dry Cider 750ml
Longhouse Medium Dry Cider 750ml

Longhouse Medium Dry Cider 750ml

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Longhouse Medium Dry Cider  750ml

Although not exclusive to Devon, the ancient longhouse has evolved in the county into the more elaborate building that is now so much part of today’s Devon landscape. Some examples are still working farms but many have now become normal homes, hotels or bed and breakfast establishments.

The early longhouses were simple, one storied affairs that offered accommodation for both the farmer and his livestock.  In its basic form the longhouse was of two rooms divided by a cross passage. To one side of the passage, ‘above’ was the hall where there was a fire and where the people lived. On the other side of the passage, ‘below’ were the cattle in their shippon, heads to the outside walls and a dung channel down the middle with a drain hole at the lower end. Longhouses were more often than not built lengthwise down a gentle slope to aid drainage and this helps to explain the use of the words ‘above’ and ‘below’ the passage.

Cattle and men shared the same entrance into the passage with a wall or screen on the upper side through which a door entered into the hall. On the lower side the entrance to the shippon was often open.

From blossom to bottle, this is a truly homegrown, authentic farmhouse cider. Our own delightful Devon longhouse nestles in the middle of fifty acres of traditional cider orchards and from this rural idyl, we craft a cidermaker's cider that would grace the finest tables. Crisp, ripe apple sweetness is cut with palette cleaning acidity and lingering complex tannins. A cider true to its roots in Devonshire cider making traditions

Each bottle of this hand made limited edition cider is individually numbered

6.0% ABV 750ml

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